Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Child of All Seasons

Diamonds grace her head
Jewels from the sky.
My summer sprite turns to winter princess
Before my very eyes.

Cloaked in powder blue
She is the ice upon the lake.
She is giggles and laughter and candlelit nights,
Snowmen, igloos, and snow cream shakes.

She slides upon the ice
While I struggle to stand still.
She delightfully cries “snow!"
I pull the duvet as far as it will.

Snow boots replace sandals
Wool hats cover pony tails.
Icy winds pull and push and tease
Sending  child and flakes to swirl.

In spring she blooms with flowers
Summer she is butterfly  performing tango with the bees.
Autumn she shimmers in vivid  jewel tones,
Winter brings its own sparkle, like the crystals of icicles and bejeweled trees.

Every season she embraces
This elf that shares my heart.
One with nature
Finding its treasures,
This brilliant star with a passionate spark.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Everyone is... Gifted

Talented, Beautiful
Creating, Thinking, Sharing
A spark within each. 

“Am I gifted?”

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Any Day at the Office

Amidst the abundance I sit
Books, Binders, Boxes, Business
Colorful artwork splashed on bulletin boards
Door partially closed
Eyes fixed to computer screen
Fingers fly across the keyboard
Getting the job done (and a few other things) with grace
Helter-skelter, thoughts wiz
Imagination tickling, aching for attention
Jen on the phone reminding me to laugh
Kid, contracts, emotions, schedules
Lunches, meetings, teleconferences, trainings, e-mail
Minutes into hours into days
NPR – my office mate with opinions, stories, and always something to say
Organization of the out of order variety
Pens, Pencils, Papers, Pins, Proposals, Possibilities
Quality Assurance and Quick Responses
Reports due or in process rein supreme
Sun shines out there… somewhere… possibly?
Tomorrow more of the same
Unless creativity is sparked
Visits from the muse, unexpected e-mail or phone calls
Weekend Countdown in process – 5 days, 4 days to go...
X-citing news, X-hausting project, X-amining the information provided
Yes I can, Yes you will have it, Yes it is possible
Zipping closed, shutting down, locking door – Until tomorrow.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Daily Groove

Beyond the groove
Of daily routine
Lies the unknown
The somewhere in-between.

It can be scary
This change…
Yet exciting too
As things are rearranged

Routine; safe
Security in the known
Shake things up
You can always return…

This week, our routine is off due to ballet rehearsals and the upcoming weekend of performances… and we thrive on the changes though we will embrace our routine when it returns… not quite the same but almost.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who am I?

Architecture, historic and Modern
Back Bay, Beacon, Blue waters, Baseball
Carriages, Cobblestones, and cars
Dark Tide and Dastardly Deeds
Echoes of a country’s past
Footprints of It moving toward the future.
Grand actions; Great Speakers
History embraces today
Independence, it’s
Journey begins on these shores
Kids in parks
Laughter on streets
Meetings, movement, Motions, Monuments
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Oysters, oysters, and more oysters
Pubs spilling Irish music
Quincy Market
Rooted in history; Adapting to the present
Sailboats upon the Bay
Tall ships in the harbor
Uniforms once red now suits of black
Views only impaired by sock hats
Winds whip
X-hailing leaves puffs of steaming winter air
Young and old, guest and resident
Zip up and enjoy this city fair.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She is...

In another life, her name was Hope
She is the passion of the piano and the simplicity of a woodwind in a movement of nature's "inspiration" symphony
She is shades of green - the spark of fire in emerald, the tranquility and mystery of forest, the playfulness of sea foam, and the depths of Jade.
She has walked the paths of the Romans, her voice joining with the echoes captured in marble and stone
She is the daughter of Bastet, nurturing, creating, loving, and pregnant with inspiration and imagination; She shares her life with Artemis and nature aplenty
She looks fear and challenge straight on, and smiles... a hint of a sparkle playing in the depth of brown eyes
She has flown amidst the stars, gathered around the Seanchai, been enchanted by the Cliffs of Moher, And has forged her own path finding treasures along the way
Her steps have echoed through time, clicked in the White House, padded through the Pentagon, whispered down forest paths softened with pine needles and leaves, crunched the crystals of snow, tickled the desert sands, and danced along the waters edge flirting with the waves.
She is the sensual side of the unexpected and the playful side of consistent; The woman who treasures you, supports, you, and finds the kid inside ready to laugh and play
She is friend, lover, companion, partner, confidante, mother; She is the devil’s advocate, the pragmatist, the believer in dreams, the risk taker, and the safe harbor; the haven in which one is home and accepted and loved regardless
She is the summer’s juiciest peach and Thailand’s hottest chili
She understands the power of words; as sword, as salve, as banter, as inspiration, as seduction
The natural and the unspoken, she appreciates silence – the whisper of the wind through the leaves, and the soft timber of the falling rain
She sees with heart and soul over eyes and embraces with body and mind
Words flowing from page to page, she is a mystery who is a work in progress, the chapters yet to be written
The world is her classroom; its people her teacher; and she lives to learn what is offered
She is curves and waves and the elegance of line and form
She is the woman once known as Hope

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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Home

Home isn’t where I hang my hat
Or where my shoes land at night.
It isn’t where I rest my head
Or greet the morning – gray or bright.

Home is where my heart lies
Where my soul feels content.
Where I am, that is home
Hotel, house, boat, or tent.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two for This One Shot Wednesday

Soles with Soul
Strewn across the floor
exactly as they landed
breathing a sigh of relief
sagging in relaxation

Fatigue gathers around seams
Tongues droop where once they stood alert
Previously eager and ready for the road

Wear and tear
love and partnership
life shared exploring and discovering

Colors once bright
now faded
Sun, rain
dirt paths, cobblestone streets
rock walls, ship decks
unforgiving pavement

When the parting comes,
It will be one determined by necessity
Over a function of physical growth or lack of use.


From the Front of the Fridge
I have a little feline friend.
His hair is sleek and wild.
He is always scratching and purring.
A beautiful wonderful cunning companion.
-An Exceptional 10 year old

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Friday, November 12, 2010


In nature
Night skies, bright stars

Sun, rain
Plentiful colors, simple beauty.

In People
Real Life super heroes

Aging, youth
Thoughts spoken, illustrated, shared.

In life
Out of the blue.

Nature, People, Life – Inspiration offered generously.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early Morning Experience

Sun pours through the window
Lights hum
Brewing coffee mixes with cafeteria cooking
A man gives English instruction
Pointing out the complications of grammar.
His voice soothes
My daughter does puzzles
Squinting in the sun’s light
Elbow propped on the table
I wait
Relaxing into the chair and the moment.
Jarred awake
Her voice blasts through the room
Laughter rattling my nerves
Volume and tone casting shadows
Other sounds fading into nothing
As quickly as she came
She departed
Leaving softness in her wake.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Change Found

Searching pockets
Rummaging drawers
Moving cushions

Pennies here
Dimes there
Quarters to spare

Broken 20’s
Single bills are found

Hurrah Hurrah
Enough change
Pizza Day!

It is Pizza Friday at my daughter’s school
And it is “Change” day at 6 word Fridays!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hug Desired Yet Unwelcome

He stands

Holding himself tightly
Uncertain, defensive
Gauging my actions.

Hungry for affection
Unwilling to accept
Grateful, yet regretful of my inaction.

Hug him I could
Umbrella  him for a moment
Grace  I could give.

Hold him as a friend
Unwelcome though my touch
Give compassion.


Got to love it!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Treat - 6 Word Friday

The Unanticipated
The surprise
The undiscovered…

Rare finds uncovered
Ribbons, wrappers, bags…

Enthusiastic squeals
Energetic giggles
Eyes bright

Awe inspired faces
Amazement, gratitude, delight

Today anticipation
Tonight realization
Tomorrow reliving…

My first attempt at 6 Word Fridays

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cinquain Poetry in Threes

Diamonds, Crystals
Searing, Stinging, Cleansing
Washing clean the heart.


Energetic, enthusiastic
Bubbling, Bursting, Floating
Life’s most magic elixir.


Honest, Firm
Calming, Empowering, Steadying
Infused with heart authenticity.

Written as a part of One Shot Wednesday!  Click Week 17 and check it out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Time

Words spread across the page
The girl starves; my heart weeps
Stark reality

Our children, boys, girls
Pressures and expectations
Adults do not see

Appearance, success
Perfection, must not ever fail
Adults in child form

How many see them
Treasures and gifts of children
Or is there no time

(Written during the reading of Winter Girls by Laurie Anderson)

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where We Begin

Years ago I imagined
Days and nights spent sharing
The stories told by the wind.

I felt the tales it would tell
The places seen
Experiences observed

The gentlest of breezes whisper
Sweet poetry and song
While forceful winds demand to be heard
Their voices ring clear and strong

Throughout the years
I have learned
Everything has something to share.

It isn’t just the wind
But the ocean
The creek
The trees
The people...

Here is where words are whispered
They find voices of their own
Creativity and imagination occupy this space
Spoken and unspoken…
The words and thoughts shared here, with friends and alone.