Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Any Day at the Office

Amidst the abundance I sit
Books, Binders, Boxes, Business
Colorful artwork splashed on bulletin boards
Door partially closed
Eyes fixed to computer screen
Fingers fly across the keyboard
Getting the job done (and a few other things) with grace
Helter-skelter, thoughts wiz
Imagination tickling, aching for attention
Jen on the phone reminding me to laugh
Kid, contracts, emotions, schedules
Lunches, meetings, teleconferences, trainings, e-mail
Minutes into hours into days
NPR – my office mate with opinions, stories, and always something to say
Organization of the out of order variety
Pens, Pencils, Papers, Pins, Proposals, Possibilities
Quality Assurance and Quick Responses
Reports due or in process rein supreme
Sun shines out there… somewhere… possibly?
Tomorrow more of the same
Unless creativity is sparked
Visits from the muse, unexpected e-mail or phone calls
Weekend Countdown in process – 5 days, 4 days to go...
X-citing news, X-hausting project, X-amining the information provided
Yes I can, Yes you will have it, Yes it is possible
Zipping closed, shutting down, locking door – Until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You did a great alphabetic poem. It took about a third of the way into it before I realized, which is a nice trick. Good job! A lot of vivid detail too!

Anonymous said...

This is very lively writing - I can see you - I love the way you used the alphabet. The pace is superb. I think you capture the sensations the pressures of multitasking really well.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know when to breathe. Whew an amazing write and day's work.

Brian Miller said...

ha...masterfully done...nice play on the alphabet while holding together what you were saying...

Eric Alder said...


Nice One Shot!

June_Butterfly said...

Brilliant!I was captivated from start to finish.I love how this one relate to realities of everyday life.

This made my morning.Never thought ABC can be this fun!Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Such is life! Great One Shot. Love and Light, Sender

Anonymous said...

Realistic snapshot of a day at the office and your alphabetic acrostic flows well, not forced.

My one shot:

Steve Isaak said...

Clever, well-written, good flow.