Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who am I?

Architecture, historic and Modern
Back Bay, Beacon, Blue waters, Baseball
Carriages, Cobblestones, and cars
Dark Tide and Dastardly Deeds
Echoes of a country’s past
Footprints of It moving toward the future.
Grand actions; Great Speakers
History embraces today
Independence, it’s
Journey begins on these shores
Kids in parks
Laughter on streets
Meetings, movement, Motions, Monuments
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Oysters, oysters, and more oysters
Pubs spilling Irish music
Quincy Market
Rooted in history; Adapting to the present
Sailboats upon the Bay
Tall ships in the harbor
Uniforms once red now suits of black
Views only impaired by sock hats
Winds whip
X-hailing leaves puffs of steaming winter air
Young and old, guest and resident
Zip up and enjoy this city fair.


Melissa Campbell said...

I have never been to Boston, just as far north as Plymouth. But I have heard from friends and relatives it's a wonderful place to live.

I really enjoyed your acrostic!


DeLi said...

wow, a nice take! so creative

dustus said...

Boston! Truly one of our finest American cities IMHO. Great acrostic.

Pete Marshall said...

i would never have known its boston...being a brit...but loved the write...and loved the alphabet...cheers pete

Shashi said...

INteresting as Pete said, I would not have guessed it too being an Indian. But loved th acrostic... thanks for wonderful share...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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