Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where We Begin

Years ago I imagined
Days and nights spent sharing
The stories told by the wind.

I felt the tales it would tell
The places seen
Experiences observed

The gentlest of breezes whisper
Sweet poetry and song
While forceful winds demand to be heard
Their voices ring clear and strong

Throughout the years
I have learned
Everything has something to share.

It isn’t just the wind
But the ocean
The creek
The trees
The people...

Here is where words are whispered
They find voices of their own
Creativity and imagination occupy this space
Spoken and unspoken…
The words and thoughts shared here, with friends and alone.

1 comment:

Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce said...

Is this you TE? I found it through Six word fridays. I'm wondering who the woman behind the poetry is...
I like it!